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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mita's Graduation

Long time coming with a new post.  Been busy with rebuilding my shed and outfitting it for woodworking.  But something really important came up Monday.My niece, Anne Genevieve (we call her Mita) graduated from her Ph.D. program at Emory University.  My brother Bob, me and my wife Susan were there as surrogates for her parents who couldn't make it up from Mexico.  Here is a video and some pictures.
We are so proud of her.  Mita is going to be working at the CDC next door.

We were in the center of the balcony in Schwartz Hall (huge pipe organ there, geez)
here they are walking in.  There was a guy that played the bag pipes - Emory's Alma Mater I gather.  Sounded a little like "My Darling Clementine" and the old Balintine Beer jingle about the three rings.

The Dean kept it short and sweet.

Sitting in the back row.  There was a short row behind and to her right that the stragglers trouped off to.

And waiting and waiting and waiting.  Must have seemed an eternity.

Hooded, looking smug, finally.  Great seat for a fast getaway.

More pictures soon.  I finally gave up on Picassa and started a Flikr account like everyone else in the family.