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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Back to Telescopes

I've finally finished up most of what I need to do to my shed. I've torn down and replaced three walls, moved the rafters up a foot, put on a brand new door, insulated it and put 1/2" plywood throughout. White paint inside makes it a lot easier to see things. And oh yeah, I rewired it and put in lots of lighting. I can honestly say I've made a pretty good woodworking shop. It took me a year, and I still need to put the final siding on the outside before it comes unglued. But hey, its my Man Cave, and I like it.

Now that I have it, and I won't freeze in the winter with cold air whistling through every time a MARTA bus rolls by, I can actually finish off my telescope.

I've had a lot of designs that I have been mulling over, but I became smitten with a really simple design that Ross Sackett came up with. I emailed him about my version and he seems to think it is quite doable and gave me a few suggestions on how to do it right and what pitfalls not to fall into.

Anyway I have a really cool photorealistic rendering engine for SketchUp installed on my computer now so here is a picture of what mine will look like.

Sure, it doesn't look like a traditional telescope. Its an open design with barely enough there to allow it to point anywhere and hold the optics in place.

So, that's what I've been up to lately.

Happy Thanksgiving!