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Monday, September 01, 2008

Testing my 12.5"

Back in an earlier post I was talking about the foucault tester I made. Well, I tested my mirror with it this weekend, and the little green LED was just not bright enough for my old eyes, so I got a big huge jumbo white 28 cp LED, and rewired it with a rheostat so I could control it. So much easier now, and I have some pictures. In fact, videos too.

Say hello to my little movie.

And this one too. I have a couple of questions, and I hope to get some of the ATMs on the ATM list to watch and comment.

And these pics in no particular order. As usual, click one to get the full detail shot.

Note the roughness on the first two shots. That is the kind of finish the polyester polishing pads give. Its pretty rough, but should polish out without too much hastle when I switch to pitch.

This one has a funny way with it. At first glance it appears to be a bowl with the light source to the right. Then, blinking my eyes it appears as a mound with its light source to the left. Both of these are tricks, of course, because the light source is actually right below the camera lens.
There appears to be bleed through in the shadow that shows the line of mounting holes in the mirror stand for other size mirrors. I think I will put a white (or maybe black?) card in behind the mirror next time.

The glare is where I got a little ahead of myself with the new bright LED and didn't baffle it very good.

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