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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whet the hell

I made the new tool. and little did I know that I would run out of #80 grit. But not before I got the tiles on the new tool all in contact. Here are some pictures of the tool after I started grinding with it. They progress from "a lot in contact" to "almost all in contact". I the former, you can still see where some of the grit has attached itself to the wax leftovers. As it progresses, you can see how all the tile glazing begins to go away, such that in the second to last picture, its only in the center of the tool, and in the last picture its virtually gone.

After conferring with the gents on the ATMLIST, They all agreed that I should jump ship and go with the #120. So what the hell. I cleaned up the shop thursday night, I did it. And it's working the charm. Currently I am fighting to get rid of one really nasty pit , and to get the focal length about an inch or less longer than it is right now. The way I figure, if I keep the tool on top, and go through about 3 or 4 more whets, the big pit should be gone, and the FL should be just about right. I'll bet that I get onto the #220 tomorrow evening.
So I went up to the disposable tool store today (Harbor Freight) and got a few things. A new dusting brush for my workbench - last the last one, and the one that I was using is really for scrubbing floors... (wrong tool). And I got an old fashioned red liquid thermometer to hang up out there (it hit 86 degrees today). I got a 10x magnifier and an LED flashlight and a new apron and some new blades for the box cutter. And some other stuff I forget right now.
$24 even for cheap crap. Lotsa cheap crap. And the way I use it, it will never wear out. I love that place. Sure its made with cheap Chinese slave labor, but what isn't anymore? I am so bad sometimes. But I gotta do something to feed my leftist guilt, eh?

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