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Monday, September 01, 2008

Other things

August was one of "those" months...whatever that means... Well I guess I could say, since this is a web log and all. It was a relatively cool month and everyone commented on it. I found myself having to defend against attacks on global warming theory, but as nice as it was I wasn't too convincing. Gas prices even went down, and I didn't take MARTA to work nearly as much as I had intended. The end of July was pretty hectic with all my IBM/Lotus certification exams I had to take, so it was nice to take a breather at the beginning of August to work on the design of my telescope. And then there was the Olympics, which I swore I was not going to watch, but I got sucked into it anyway. I used to be on the high school swim team so that has always interested me. (yes, geeky Uncle Bill once played varsity sports)

Susan closed our shop Nease's Needlework in Decatur. We are going strictly on line from now on. But after 9 years and a bad economy and lack of heart we were just not making it. It's a sad thing, as we were continuing a legacy in the town that went back to 1973 when Mrs. Dennis started Dennis-Art Needlework. But the good news is that we are still on line as we have been since the start. But we won't carry knitting patterns or yarn anymore. That was because of the deal we made with the person we sold the store to! Yes, the town will continue to have its shop for a few more years I hope. Susan sold the yarn and knitting inventory to one of her employees and she is taking over the lease and she is bringing in a new line of business - spinning. That means, Spinning wheels, bulk carded wool, dying supplies, classes on how to do it, and the whole shebang. Carrie has named the place "Sheepish" -- because all the cute names are gone. yeah right, like that's not cute. I hope she does well, and when she gets a website going we'll put a link up. I might even try my hand at spinning. (after I finish my telescope).

We spent last weekend moving all the needlework and cross stitch and framing and flosses and related stuff and their shelves and "Oh My God I Forgot All About That" items. Susan rented a 10X30 storage unit into which we piled it all. We didn't get finished with moving everything until Wednesday. That meant we spent the time dodging intermittant downpurs from the remains of Tropical Storm Fay that went through here.

It's well organized actually. There is no electricity except the automatic overhead flourescent light, so she can't actually do work there other than retrieve stock and box it up to send to customers etc.. We can get to everything, but there is still work to do. Susan will be taking a few months off before finding a part time job. Whe wants to beef up the marketting of the website and make a good go of that and sell a lot of the things we don't want to keep on eBay.

With the nice weather and even a lot more rain than usual all summer, the lawn greened up pretty good, so I've spent a bunch of time puttsin' in the yard.

And of course the mirror, always the mirror. It's been cool enough to spend a lot of time on it. I've finally gone down through all the grades of grit in the fine grinding and started polishing.

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